The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

Reducing Urban Crime and Violence: What Works and What is Promising

On February 10, 2012 the University of Chicago Crime Lab and Urban Education Lab co-sponsored an event, with support from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, titled Reducing Urban Crime and Violence: What Works and What is Promising.

At the event, experts on law enforcement and public policy discussed the effect urban violence has on Chicago communities and methods for reducing crime among high-risk students through adjustments in law enforcement, police activity, and criminal justice. Frank Zimring, author of The City That Became Safe, details how New York was able to drastically reduce homicides, and how this can be applied to Chicago.

Panelists included:

James Warren (moderator), Columnist, Chicago News Cooperative

The Honorable Paul Biebel, Presiding Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County Criminal Division

Patrick Fitzgerald, United States Attorney, Northern District of Illinois

Garry McCarthy, Superintendent, Chicago Police Department

Frank Zimring, William G. Simon Professor of Law, University of California at Berkley, chair of the Criminal Justice Research Program, University of California at Berkley

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The second panel built on that discussion by focusing in on the most promising education and social service strategies for reducing urban crime and violence. 

Panelists included: 

Stephanie Banchero (moderator), National Education Reporter, Wall Street Journal

J.C. Brizard, Chief Executive Officer, Chicago Public Schools

Evelyn Diaz, Commissioner, Chicago Department of Family and Support Services

Robin Jacob, Assistant Research Scientist, University of Michigan School of Education

Susana Vasquez, Executive Director, LISC Chicago

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